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What has “Lockdown” taught us about loneliness?

What has “Lockdown” taught us about loneliness?

If there’s one thing that the current UK lockdown situation has taught us, it’s that the need for communication is strong. So strong in fact, that the sheer lack of face to face chit chat has taken a massive toll on society.

Many have described their feelings of anxiety, and a spectrum of depressive feelings ranging from mild to severe. Daily, we are reminded by the government in their press briefing that we MUST maintain the Social Distancing measures, and until now, we have been asked to “Stay At Home”.
With the recent easing of the lockdown guidelines and rules we can physically see the social needs of our society as the hoardes flock to their local parks, beaches and gardens, meeting up with family, albeit at a 2 metre distance.

Of course, most haven’t felt the additional isolation that is constantly evident in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. That has been exacerbated by, and the anxiety heightened by, the lockdown. It hasn’t been easy. Where we (D & HoH) usually make up for this by maintaining contact with our family and friends, we have no longer been able.

What’s Next?

Things are currently looking slightly more promising as we head into the next Phase of Lockdown restrictions being eased. That being said, the anxiety is ever present, many people expressing concerns over the possibility of a second spike in the COVID-19 diagnoses and ultimately (and sadly) more deaths.

It may well mean that we go back to the draconian social seclusion we have endured for 10 weeks now, or it may simply mean staying at home wherever possible.
This would, of course come with the cost of a renewed period of increased feelings of isolation we know only too well.

What is going to happen? Who knows?

What We Are Up To

We do hope that you are all enjoying using HearClear to help reduce the feeling of isolation. We are working on further increasing the precision of the translation to text, and also a couple of new features.
We’re hoping to release the Android version very shortly too which will mean that you will be able to contact and keep in touch with even more of your family, friends and colleagues than ever before.

Stay safe,
The HearClear Team