How To Make A Call

Our First Version

This is the first published HearClear app. It provides video calling with live captions (subtitles). It is currently only available on iOS. An Android version is coming soon.

App 2 App

It is currently App-2-App at the moment, although HearClear will allow captions on landline calls soon.
Calling App-2-App will enable you to stay in touch with your friends and family, but we hope to persuade businesses to use HearClear, so that you can contact them too.

Handy Hints

Although we hope that HearClear is intuitive and simple to use, here are a few helpful hints on getting started once you have downloaded the app from the AppStore

Step 1

From the Home screen in your HearClear app you should TAP on the HearClear Call button

Step 2

This will take you through to your HearClear contacts list.

You should scroll to the person you would like to call and TAP on their entry

Step 3

You have now entered their contact entry and have a choice (at the top of the screen) to ring them with either Audio-Call or Video-Call

For this FAQ we will click on “Video Call”

Step 4

You are now making your first HearClear Video-Call

During the call, the words you both say will display in the bottom section of the screen (marked with a green arrow)
To make it a little easier to see your friend you can tap on their video feed in the top half of the screen (without tapping any buttons). This will remove the buttons from the screen.
Tapping again will bring the buttons back

When you are finished you can TAP on the red “hang-up” button