How To Get The Best From A Call

Our First Version

This is the first published HearClear app. It provides video calling with live captions (subtitles). It is currently only available on iOS. An Android version is coming soon.

App 2 App

It is currently App-2-App at the moment, although HearClear will allow captions on landline calls soon.
Calling App-2-App will enable you to stay in touch with your friends and family, but we hope to persuade businesses to use HearClear, so that you can contact them too.

Handy Hints

Although we hope that HearClear is intuitive and simple to use, here are a few helpful hints on getting started once you have downloaded the app from the AppStore

Tip 1 – Speak Clearly

Speak as clearly as you can – even the best software won’t understand a mumble!
We’ve tried to develop our software so that it can deal with many accents and languages, but as with all software, the quality of what you get out can only be as good as what you put in

Tip 2 – Good Pace

Try to speak as naturally as possible, but at a steady pace. If you naturally speak very quickly, then try to slow down a little.
This not only helps our speech-to-text software in transcribing the words you’ve spoken, but it will also help users who are Deaf, or hard-of-hearing to make sense of what you are saying – even without the text

Tip 3 – Strong Signal

The HearClear app needs to speak to our servers, for the Speech-To-Text service, for the Video Call, and also to send your text to the other device on the call.
The signals sent between your handset and the servers are the key to having a good real-time conversation with subtitles

Tip 4 – Delay

It is normal to see a second (or so) in delay before you see the sentence you’ve just spoken. If you experience a longer delay then this suggests that your signal may be a little weaker.
Try moving closer to your home WiFi Router, or nearer a window if you are using your mobile’s data

Tip 5 – Nothing?

If a transcription doesn’t come up, this is because the “Speech To Text” server couldn’t make a strong enough guess at what you said
Typically, jumping back to Tips 1 & 2 will fix this

Tip 6 – Missing Pieces

With good signal and steady, clear chatting HearClear will provide a sensible transcription in your call, in real-time. In all cases it should help the user who has hearing difficulties, or is Deaf, to fill in the “missing pieces” of the call that they otherwise would not have understood.